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HCL Domino 14 is available now!

7 December 2023 Thomas Hampel
Hi Folks

I'm very happy to announce that HCL Notes/Domino V14 has just been released and is available for download.

Among lots of other new features and cool stuff, my personal highlights in this release are:

Passkey support
Auto-Update / Update Notifications
and of course the matter of fact that Verse, Nomad and Ontime are now integrated in the Domino installer.

Of course there is a lot more that I could write about here, but I've already written a comprehensive blog post that will be posted later today at our
corporate blog

What do you need to do now?

1. Join our webcast on December 7 @ 10am ET - to attend, please
Register now!
2. Read
What's new in HCL Domino 14
3. Download the latest version from our new
software download portal
Plan your upgrade

Image:HCL Domino 14 is available now!

Image:HCL Domino 14 is available now!
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Welcome Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) 1.2.1

1 December 2023 Thomas Hampel
Hi Folks,

the new version 1.2.1 of the
Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) has just been published.
The tool allows customers to analyze their current environment to identify the license needs.

The new version addresses a number of issues ad improvement requests customers had reported, here's a short list:

What's New ?
  • Added support for scanning Directory Assistance on all servers in the environment.
  • Idea Domino-I-2499 - The Customer Name, HCL Customer, etc. can now be stored in a configuration document
    • Added the ability to output logging to the status bar to give the scanner an improved experience to understand progress.
      Set DLAU_VERBOSE_MODE=1 in the Notes.INI before beginning the scan.
  • Version of DLAU is now included in the printable report as well as it is stored on the results of each scan to see how scans change over releases.
  • Addressing an issue when Domino is used as LDAP server
  • Fixed Issue #54 - Logging improvements have additional spaces around each functional area of scanning for visual improvements.
  • Fixed Issue #34 - Export CCB Users does not provide content
  • Fixed Issue #39 - Clicking on “Deny Access Users” opens the view “dagroups” instead of “UserInfo”
  • Fixed Issue #41 - Issues with Directory Catalog not in root directory
  • Fixed Issue #46 - Bug when DA is not trusted for credentials
  • Fixed Issue #47 - External (CCX) Users Who are not listed in Entitlement Tracking are being recognized as CCB Users
  • Fixed an issue when Clicking on the pop-up help does not work and is missing in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue when the UI shifts when selecting an entry in the “Observations” field on the results page if there is a value that is too long
    For more details and to download the latest version see

    PS: As mentioned
    in our privacy statement, the tool performs all activity in your environment with no data being sent back to HCL without your explicit consent.

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    Happy Birthday - (Lotus) Notes turns 34 today

    27 November 2023 Thomas Hampel
    Happy Birthday Lotus Notes!

    Today, 34 years ago, release 1.0 of Lotus Notes was built/compiled marking the beginning of an incredible journey
    Image:Happy Birthday - (Lotus) Notes turns 34 today

    And in just a few days, a new episode of this journey is going to start when HCL Domino 14 (and Sametime 12.0.2) will be released.

    Find out about the cool new features in the latest release during our exclusive webcast launch on December 7 @ 10am ET.
    To attend live, please Register now!
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    Let’s Connect - Nordics! Meet us in Denmark and Sweden

    18 November 2023 Thomas Hampel
    Dear Domino Community in the Nordics,

    Meet me at
    Let's Connect Nordics for an extraordinary community meetup happening in the heart of Copenhagen/Denmark and the beautiful city of Stockholm in Sweden next week!
    Get ready for a gathering filled with warmth, an
    exciting agenda, and the shared magic that makes our Domino community truly special.

    Event Details:

    Why Attend?
    • Learn
      What's new in the Domino and beyond. Experience new options for your digital journey and see live demos that have never been shown before.
      Be the first to experience our latest products and innovations. Our team will showcase exciting developments and answer any questions you may have.
    • Your Voice Matters
      Engage with HCL leadership, partners and customers in conversations during our interactive sessions. We want to hear your thoughts, your challenges, and your victories.
      Your voice matters to shape our product roadmap.
    • Surprises:
      From exclusive product sneak peeks to personalized experiences, we have planned a few surprises to make your time with us truly memorable.
    • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry experts, and professionals. Share your experiences, ideas, and insights while expanding your network
    • Cool & Inspiring Speakers
      ...of course:)

    How to attend?
    To secure your spot at this must-attend event, please register via the Event website for
    Copenhagen and/or Stockholm
    Spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in Denmark and Sweden for two fantastic meetups filled with learning, networking, and fun.
    Let's come together to celebrate our Domino community and the shared passion that unites us!
    PS: Feel free to bring along your colleagues, friends, or anyone who will enjoy the event.


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    Is HCL Notes/Domino using Oracle Java?

    13 October 2023 Thomas Hampel
    The short answer: No!


    On January 23, 2023, Oracle
    announced (again) yet another new licensing model for Oracle Java that represents a dramatic price increase for large organizations.
    This can lead to interesting discussions since e.g., a 40,000-employee organization could be asked spending USD $2.5M annually just on Oracle Java alone.

    What Java version is used by Notes and Domino?

    Notes and Domino are providing the Java runtime as part of the product, so customers do NOT need to download or install the Java runtime environment separately.
    Since the JVM/JDK is part of the licensed product, it is covered under the
    product license of HCL or previously the product license of IBM.

    With the
    acquisition of the product by HCL, dependencies to IBM Java were removed and got replaced with OpenJDK effectively in version 11.0.0 of HCL Notes/Domino.
    Java updates are provided by HCL (and previously by IBM) typically as part of regular fix packs.

    Here is a simplified overview of what Java version is used in the product:
    Java Version
    Java Vendor
    JVM Remarks
    17 LTS
    IBM Semeru
    OpenJ9 Open Edition
    AdoptOpenJDK, later IBM Semeru
    OpenJ9 renamed to Adoptium
    AdoptOpenJDK, later IBM Semeru
    OpenJ9 renamed to Adoptium
    IBM J9 see IBM FAQ
    IBM J9 see IBM FAQ
    IBM J9

    a more comprehensive overview of which Java flavour and patchlevel is included in which release of Domino is provided later on in this blog post.

    For details, please refer to

    Special cases and exceptions?
    • MacOS : old versions of the IBM Notes Client before(!) 9.0.1 IF17 did not include any Java runtime. Customers may have manually installed a JVM, e.g. the Oracle runtime.
      Starting with
      Notes Client 9.0.1 IF17 the product includes the IBM Java runtime. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to a more current version of the HCL Notes Client for MacOS.
    • IBMi (=iSeries) : HCL Domino will use the version provided by the platform.
    • HCL Client for Application Access (HCAA), formerly known as IBM Client for Application Access (ICAA), does not provide a Java VM, it uses a JVM that you choose to install yourself.
      Only for acessing Domino applications that are running Java code >in< the HCAA client, a JVM needs to be provided.

    What about Nomad, Verse, Enterprise Integrator, SAP Connector, etc?

    These products are addons to Domino and unless otherwise specified they leverage the JVM provided by Domino.

    IBM? OpenJDK? Semeru? Adoptium? Eclipse? - Are you confused as well?

    It's not easy to even get a basic understanding of the various project names, forks, branches and takeovers, but I'll try providing a short intro without covering the entire
    history of Java nor what Java itself is.
    In the context of Notes and Domino, this is what you need to know:
    • OpenJDK is a free and open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), it is a Java Development Kit (JDK)
    • OpenJ9 is a java virtual machine (JVM), contributed to the Eclipse project by IBM
    • AdoptOpenJDK was a project for producing vendor neutral builds of OpenJDK
    • AdoptOpenJDK merged into Eclipse Adoptium, to provide a prebuilt OpenJDK, that release is now named Temurin
      With this move, Adoptium is, according to them, is not allowed to release OpenJ9-based or GraalVM-based runtimes
    • IBM comes to the rescue and provides OpenJ9 builds at no charge as the IBM Semeru runtime which includes the OpenJ9 Java VM
    • IBM Semeru comes in two flavours:
      a) IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition, which is open source (GPLv2) licensed and is not
      TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit) certified
      b) IBM Semeru Runtime
      Certified Edition, which is Java TCK-certified
    • Former "IBM Java" has been moved into IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition at Java version 11
    • HCL Notes and Domino are using IBM Semeru Open Edition.

    For better understanding of the above, here is a chart that explains:

    Image:Is HCL Notes/Domino using Oracle Java?
    As outlined above, HCL Notes and Domino is embedding IBM Semeru and does not use any Oracle Java.

    Table: Java versions is used by Notes and Domino

    KB0037886 - What is the impact to JVM support in Notes/Domino with Oracle's announcement to charge?
    Notes/Domino Version Java Runtime Vendor Java Version
    V12 12.0.2 Fix Pack 2 IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition 8 Semeru jdk8u372-b07
    12.0.2 Fix Pack 1 Semeru jdk8u362-b09
    12.0.2 AdoptOpenJDK 8 OpenJDK jdk8u345-b01
    12.0.1 Fix Pack 1 OpenJDK jdk8u312-b07
    12.0.1 OpenJDK jdk8u302-b08
    12.0.0 OpenJDK jdk8u282-b08
    V11 11.0.1 Fix Pack 8 OpenJDK jdk8u372-b07
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 7 OpenJDK jdk8u352-b08
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 6 OpenJDK jdk8u332-b09
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 5 OpenJDK jdk8u312-b07
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 4 OpenJDK jdk8u302-b08
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 3 OpenJDK jdk8u282-b08
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 2 OpenJDK jdk8u265-b01
    11.0.1 Fix Pack 1 OpenJDK jdk8u252-b09 tzdata 2020a
    11.0.1 OpenJDK jdk8u242-b08 tzdata2019c
    11.0.0 OpenJDK jdk8u222-b10
    V10 10.0.1 FP8 IBM Java 8 IBM Java 8.0 SR7FP6_tzdata2022a
    10.0.1 FP7 IBM Java 8.0 SR6FP25_tzdata2021a
    10.0.1 FP6 IBM Java 8.0 SR6FP10_tzdata2020a
    10.0.1 FP5 IBM Java 8.0 SR6FP5_tzdata2019c
    10.0.1 FP4 IBM Java 8.0 SR5FP40_tzdata2019c
    10.0.1 IBM Java 8.0 SR5FP21
    10.0.0 IBM Java 8.0 SR5FP16ifix
    V9 9.0.1 Fix Pack 10 Interim Fix IBM Java 8.0 SR6FP25
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 10 IBM Java 8.0 SR5FP21 tzdata2018e
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 9 IBM Java 8.0 SR4FP5
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 8 IBM Java 8.0 SR3FP12
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 IBM Java 6 IBM Java 6.0 SF16FP30
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 6 IBM Java 6.0 SF16FP20
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 IBM Java 6.0 SF16FP15
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 4 IBM Java 6.0 SR16FP4
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 3 IBM Java 6.0 SR16FP2
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 2 IBM Java 6.0 SR16
    9.0.1 Fix Pack 1 IBM Java 6.0 SR15FP1
    9.0.1 IBM Java 6.0 SR14 + ifix
    9.0.0 IBM Java 6.0 SR12+ ifix


    IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 6 has reached end of life, see

    How to check which Java version is used?

    From the program directory of the Notes client or Domino server:

    cd jvm/bin
    ./java -version


    Checking the Java version used by the HCL Notes Client 14.0 (Early Access version) on Windows:

    Image:Is HCL Notes/Domino using Oracle Java?

    C:\Program Files\HCL\Notes>cd jvm/bin

    C:\Program Files\HCL\Notes\jvm\bin>java -version
    openjdk 2022-08-12
    IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition (build
    Eclipse OpenJ9 VM (build openj9-0.33.1, JRE 17 Windows 7 amd64-64-Bit
    Compressed References 20220812_237 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled)
    OpenJ9   - 1d9d16830
    OMR      - b58aa2708
    JCL      - 1f4d354e654 based on jdk-


    I hope this brief explanation will help to better understand the usage of Java in our product and provides you with enough of a justification to upgrade to the most current version of HCL Notes and Domino.

    upgrade NOW !
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