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HCL Community Meeting Dresden - Virtual Edition - 7.May 2021

3 May 2021 Thomas Hampel
Image:HCL Community Meeting Dresden - Virtual Edition - 7.May 2021

Hallo HCL & DNUG Community Dresden!

auf vielfachen Wunsch möchten wir (
Markus Petzold und Thomas Hampel ) euch auch in hektischen Zeiten nicht allein lassen und laden deshalb wieder zu einem virtuellen Community-Meeting ein.
Das persönliche Lieblingsgetränk müssen die Teilnehmer selbst mitbringen. Teilnahme erfolgt am besten mit Computer/Tablet, bevorzugt mit Mikrofon und (optional) mit Kamera damit wir uns sehen.

Wir bieten:
  • HCL Software - What's New (Thomas Hampel)
  • Domino Online Meeting Integration
  • Sneak Preview zu Domino V12

Freitag, 7. Mai 2021
Zeit : 17:00 bis ca. 18:00


Achtung: diesmal alles 'online'

Den Link mit Details zum Onlinemeeting gibt es vom Moderator.
Eine kurze Mail an thomas . hampel @ thomashampel . com genügt.

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Houston, we have a new Workspace! Domino V12 Beta 2 is available

16 February 2021 Thomas Hampel
This morning HCL published the next iteration of the Domino V12 Beta program! The new Beta 2 packages are available for Download at Flexnet

One of the most visible difference is a new Notes client workspace UI:

Image:Houston, we have a new Workspace! Domino V12 Beta 2 is available
This, and more we are going to talk about in our
Beta2 Webinar TODAY, make sure to sign up now to get the latest news!


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Developers: New C API Toolkit 11.0.1 now available

8 February 2021 Thomas Hampel
Good news for developers and partners out there who work on plugins and extensions for Domino.
We just published a new version of the C API Toolkit, actually the first new version since more than 7 years.

This is the first HCL shipment of the C API and it signals an ongoing commitment to revamp the C API delopment story,
it now supports building applications using the GUI environment for Visual Studio 2017.

However, as
Ulrich Krause already highlighted in his blog it does contain just a very few new API calls yet, also make files were removed because they did not work anymore.
HCL's development team is working on a V12 version of the C API Toolkit that will be providing make files and MSVS project files again. This version 12 will be provided after Domino V12 has shipped.

You can find the current/updated C API Toolkit in the Domino server product category on
Flexnet Downloads

Image:Developers: New C API Toolkit 11.0.1 now available


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Partners : locating the Domino V12 Beta in Flexnet

1 February 2021 Thomas Hampel
Recently we have announced the beta launch of HCL Domino V12 which is available to all current customers.
While for a customer the download is easy to find, partners have to navigate along the entitlement tree to find it.

So for reference here is how an HCL Partner can locate the download packages:

1. Login to
2. Click on "List all entitlements"

3. In the top right corner of the list, search by Product contains 'collab' as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Find the product bundle "HCL Bundle Mail & Social Collaboration", make sure the entitlement has not expired and click the "Download Now" button

Image:Partners : locating the Domino V12 Beta in Flexnet

5. In this bundle, click the package"Notes/Domino 12.0 Beta 1"

Image:Partners : locating the Domino V12 Beta in Flexnet

6. ...and find the downloads you are looking for, including the Notes Client in 16 local language versions, the Domino installer for AIX, Linux and Windows, as well as the V12 Domino Docker image.

Image:Partners : locating the Domino V12 Beta in Flexnet

It also needs to be noted that the
Domino on Docker community project added support for V12 in the develop branch

Happy testing !


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Y2k21 problem in Notes property box - Created date is empty

4 January 2021 Thomas Hampel
2021 started with a little surprise: The property box in your HCL Notes client doesn’t show the Created date for documents created in 2021 any longer.

Here is a screenshot of what is missing:

Image:Y2k21 problem in Notes property box - Created date is empty

It affects just the display of the date/time value in the property box in all the Notes clients (Standard & Basic, on MacOS and Windows).

From a technical point of view the date/time values are still there but they are just not displayed in the property box.

The property box refers to the date when the document was created and its empty when the document was created in 2021 or later.

It is still displayed correctly when a field $Created exists in the document, e.g. this is the case for SMTP mails.

So far this was reported to appear with the following versions:
  • Notes 11.0.1
  • Notes 10.0.x
  • Notes 9.0.1
  • Notes 8.5.x
and likely also appearing in earlier versions.

HCL Development is working on getting this minor issue fixed - details are tracked under SPR# NNAIBWX3MD
and in HCL Technote KB0086175

Update: This problem is fixed in Notes 11.0.1 FP2 IF1


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