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How to run HCL Domino on a QNAP NAS

21 March 2023 Thomas Hampel
Image:How to run HCL Domino on a QNAP NAS

Some time ago I've done a demo running Domino on a QNAP network attached storage device.
Thanks to Docker and the Domino Container project which Daniel and I are maintaining, running a fully a featured Domino environment incl. Verse, Nomad, Rest API, Traveler and Leap is not a problem even on entry level hardware.

Datails and step-by-step instructions have been published here in the Domino container project documentation.
Enjoy reading!
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Help! DAOS files have been removed - the impact of a misconfigured backup job

22 February 2023 Thomas Hampel
Recently a customer approached me with a request for help. I'd like to briefly share the story here because it was an interesting case.

On a Friday, the Domino team noticed severe problems with loading attachments, users reported they are no longer able to open attachments.

It seems like no single DAOS object can be opened anymore by the server.

Domino servers are reporting: Error 0x80070780: The file cannot be acessed by the system.

Checking the DAOS repository on the Domino server's disk revealed those files are displaying with a file size of XX MByte but actually have a size of ZERO BYTES (!!!)

Image:Help! DAOS files have been removed - the impact of a misconfigured backup job

Potential cause? Maybe a broken hard disc or filesystem? People even assumed Domino itself would be responsible for destroying DAOS objects on disk.

To mitigate the issue, a full restore of all DAOS objects was initaited which took a couple of hours. Afterwards it seemed the situation was resolved.

However just one day later the same problem appeared. All DAOS objects again had a size of 0 byte again with millions of DAOS objects being affected.

Root cause:

It turned out the backup software ( Commvault ) was misconfigured - instead of taking a backup of DAOS objects it was configured for >archiving< them.

Archiving in this case means that files will be moved to the backup environment but a 0 byte place holder will remain.

One could claim the user interface of Commvault backup easily allows for clicking the wrong option as both of them are listed next to each other.
There is no visible difference between the configuration screens later on, so unfortunately it was a human error/mistake to click on the wrong option.

Image:Help! DAOS files have been removed - the impact of a misconfigured backup job


Initiate a restore job of files that were archived to the commvault envioronment.

Lessons learned:

Dont blame the top level application for a failure just because it is most impacted.
Open a support ticket at HCL and work together as a team to investigate and resolve the issue.

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Enjoy the summer with HCL Nomad

14 July 2022 Thomas Hampel
Whilst the weather is good, you dont have to sit in the office to get work done. You can now take your data offline and work anywhere with the newest features we have added to HCL Nomad Web.
Imagine you are waking up in the morning, its a wonderful day and you decide to take your coffee and your laptop and wander down to the end of your garden where the WiFi doesnt reach.
No need to be disappointed or distracted by social media pinging you all the time. Just focussing on your work. Now this is possible with HCL Nomad Web just like it is with the Notes client.
Vaction disclaimer: HCL does not promote taking your work on holiday with you. :)

HCL Nomad for Web Browsers
For HCL Nomad Web, version 1.0.4 is now available to entitled customers for download on Flexnet.
This release now fully supports replication and offline mode to work in local replicas.
For further information about this HCL Nomad for web browsers release, please refer to the What's New page and the also release notes.

HCL Nomad for iOS and Android
New versions have also just been released for iOS and Android.
Customers should note that those versions will be minimum version to support the new Nomad Server on Domino that is planned to be shipping in September

HCL Nomad 1.0.22 for iOS was released Monday July 11th - it is avaliable now on the app store
This release mainly contains bug fixes like API currency updates raising minimum iOS level to 13 or higher (latest is iOS 15).

HCL Nomad 1.0.31 for Android released on the Google Play store on June 30th and Flexnet on July 5th and is providing defect fixes.


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Developers: New C API Toolkit 12.0 is available now

2 September 2021 Thomas Hampel
Again: good news for developers and partners out there who work on plugins and extensions for Domino.
We just published the V12 version of the C API Toolkit for Domino and Notes:

Image:Developers: New C API Toolkit 12.0 is available now
Interesting side note: after 7 years without any new release, HCL published two major releases of the toolkit just in one year.

This new version provides a number of new API calls and -as promosed- provides the make files and MSVS project files
developers were looking for.
You can find the new V12 C API Toolkit in the Domino V12 server product category on Flexnet Downloads

Image:Developers: New C API Toolkit 12.0 is available now


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Keyboard Shortcuts for HCL Notes Client on MacOSX

22 August 2021 Thomas Hampel
Press COMMAND + SHIFT + L to get a list of keyboard shortcuts :

Image:Keyboard Shortcuts for HCL Notes Client on MacOSX Image:Keyboard Shortcuts for HCL Notes Client on MacOSX    Image:Keyboard Shortcuts for HCL Notes Client on MacOSX
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