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Git Push Error : RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -9806

21 September 2016 Thomas Hampel
I am using Git for version control of software projects I am working on.
Recently I wanted to push the changes I've made to a Domino template my git client responded with the following error:

error: RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -9806
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

To cut a long story short : this problem was caused by using HTTP(S) for pusing changes to the git server. After changing to SSH, everything worked fine again.
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IBM Stammtisch in Dresden - Cognitive Collaboration - 23.Sept 2016

19 September 2016 Thomas Hampel
Hallo IBM Community!

wir, d.h. Anett Hammerschmidt und ich, laden Euch wieder herzlich zum IBM Community Meeting in Dresden ein.
Unser Motto für diesen Abend lautet "Cognitive Collaboration" , so haben wir folgende Highlights geplant:
  • Erkennendes Rechnen (engl. "Cognitive Computing" ) und was das mit Collaboration zu tun hat.
  • Was ist der Forms Experience Builder?
  • Update & What's next - Neues rund um die IBM Messaging & Collaboration Produkte
Auch diesmal steht das Kennenlernen und Pflegen neuer und alter Kontakte im Mittelpunkt, quasi Social Networking live erleben.


Datum: 23. Sept 2016
Von 18:00 Uhr bis ...


Augustiner an der Frauenkirche
An der Frauenkirche 16/17
01067 Dresden
Image:IBM Stammtisch in Dresden - Cognitive Collaboration - 23.Sept 2016
Webgeschreibung siehe Google Maps, parken ggf. bei QPark Frauenkirche / Neumarkt


Bitte über folgenden Button anmelden, so können wir die Plätze im Lokal besser planen und ggf. mehr Tische reservieren.
Zur Anmeldung


18:00 Uhr - Welcome Reception
18:30 Uhr - Cognitive Collaboration - Thomas Hampel
19:00 Uhr - Forms Experience Builder - Kjeld Gosselke
ab 19:30 - Social Networking Live Demo mit #Lotusbeer

Kurzentschlossene können auch ohne Anmeldung einfach vorbeikommen, bitte direkt bei Anett ( +49-176-10315855 ) anrufen

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
Anett Hammerschmidt und Thomas Hampel
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IBM Mail Onboarding Manager - Failed to get delegate list.

11 September 2016 Thomas Hampel
Moving users from Exchange to Domino is called 'migration' , and moving from an on-premises Domino environment to the cloud is called "onboarding".
IBM provides the Mail Onboarding Manager (MOM) for moving users to the cloud.

While MOM worked fine for all other users, I've been running into a problem with one specific user.
An error was reported when I was trying to move this account to the cloud. The error message was "Delegate is not in service"

Image:IBM Mail Onboarding Manager - Failed to get delegate list.
In my specific case, MOM was looping between "Completed quality check" and "Replicating mail file".
Replication from the mail server to the MOM server worked fine, but then MOM did not succeed in uploading the mail file to Connections Cloud.

The MOM log file showed error "4005: Replication is disabled".

Root cause:

The mail server or its cluster partner contains a database with exactly the same replicaID as the mail file you are trying to move to the cloud.
Possibly it is a restore of the mail file where replication is disabled for this NSF file.


Delete the other database or change the replicaID of the other NSF file using this code.
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What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?

5 September 2016 Thomas Hampel
IBM Connections Cloud is offering a wooping 1 TByte of personal file storage and 50 Gbyte of storage for each community.
What you might not be aware of is that there is another limit which apply when embedded images.

While the industry is talking about 4k-UltraHD displays with 8 megapixels, the standard computer display these days doesnt have more than a FullHD display ( 1920x1080 pixel ) with 2 megapixels.
I stumbled into those limits when working with a really large JPG file. in my case it was an image with 96 megapixels (=190 Mbyte, 17384px x 5558px)
A typical JPG image with 4k resolution should have a size of about 10 Mbyte, so its a little odd to complain about not being able to embed a 96 megapixel image.

There is no limit on height/width, just an overall size limit for each embedded image which unfortunately is not consistent across the different connections applications.

However... here are the limitations for embedding images in the various connections components:
IBM Connections Cloud (S1 / S2)
Files (Personal) 2 Gbyte per file, 1 Tbyte in total
Files (Community) 2 Gbyte per file, 50 Gbyte in total
Activities 2 Gbyte per file
Wiki 75 Mbyte per image
Blog 10 Mbyte per image
Forum 30 MByte per image
Homepage/Status 10 Mbyte per image
Profile 5 Mbyte for profile photo.

Please note that instead of embedding an image, it is always possible to link a link to your personal file store instead which allows linking extra-extra-large images of up to 2Gbyte in size.


In an onprem environment the max. size in MB is part of the error message
Image:What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?
It is possible to modify these limits by editing the wikis-config.xml
Image:What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?

or by setting higher defaults for size limits as described by Rainer Brandl

In Connections Cloud the limit is predefined by IBM and can not be changed by customers.
Also the error message in Connections Cloud is a little misleading:
Image:What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?
Note: A bug report has already been created, so I assume its fixed soon.

Forum, Blog, Ideation Blog

For a Forum post, blog post or ideation blog entry the error message is misleading in Connections Cloud as well as for OnPrem deployments as it indicates a damaged file or virus infection.
Image:What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?
Of course the file is not virus infected nor damaged.

In onprem deployments the default limit of 1Mbyte can be customized in the files-config.xml
Image:What is the size limits for embedded images in IBM Connections?

...and for Connections Cloud a bug report has been created to update this error message with something more meainingful


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Email Attachment Filters - What are the file types in each Category?

4 April 2016 Thomas Hampel
IBM Connections Cloud customers can configure Email Filters in the Account Settings / Email Filters
Recently (end of March) those filters have been updated with a new feature to filter attachments cased on a certain type.
Image:Email Attachment Filters - What are the file types in each Category?
But what exactly are the file types that are being filtered when you enable this feature for a specific category?
Image:Email Attachment Filters - What are the file types in each Category?
IBM Connections Cloud is using IBM (Lotus) Protector for Mail Security, which allows to filter attachment based on mime types.
Attachment categories displayed here relate to the media type analysis module of IBM Protector which describes in detail which file types or file extensions are being filtered.

Here is a more detailled list of file types in each category.
Please note that this list is going to change in the future so I can not provide any guarantuee for completeness.

Application or Executable Files
  • AUTOCAD file (dwg)
  • BitTorrent meta info file (torrent)
  • DOS executable (com, exe, sys)
  • DOS/Windows Executable file format (com, exe, scr, sys)
  • Dynamic Link Library (cpl, dll, drv, ocx, x32)
  • Executable and Linkable Format (elf, so)
  • Microsoft Outlook's Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (dat, tnef)
  • Integrated Color Management file (icm)
  • Java class file (class)
  • Library file format (a, lib)
  • Link [Shortcut Windows file format] (lnk)
  • Lotus Notes database (nsf)
  • MS Compiled HTML file (chi, chm)
  • MS Outlook Electronic Mail file [according to RFC 822] (eml)
  • MS Outlook Internet Account File (iaf)
  • MS Outlook Message file (msg, oft)
  • MS Outlook Personal information STore (pst)
  • MS Outlook Windows Address Book file (wab)
  • Object files (o, obj)
  • PKCS #7 Signature (p7m, p7s, pkcs7)
  • Self-extracting ZIP file format (exe)
  • Symbian Installation file (sis, sisx)
  • Tex Device Independent document (dvi)
  • TrueType Font (ttf)
  • Windows Helpfile (gid, hlp)
  • Windows Program Information File (pif)
  • Windows Registry file (reg)

Archival Files
  • 7-Zip archive (7z)
  • ACE archive (ace)
  • ALZip archive (alz)
  • Amiga LZX archive (lzx)
  • APPLE single or double Encoded Macintosh file
  • ARC archive (arc)
  • ARJ archive (arj)
  • BlakHole archive (bh)
  • BZip2 archive (bz2, tbz)
  • Copy In/Out archive (cpio)
  • Debian binary package (deb)
  • Gnu ZIP archive (emz, gz, tgz, wmz)
  • HQX archive [BinHex'd file] (hqx)
  • Installshield CAB archive (cab, hdr)
  • ISO9660 image (iso)
  • LH ARC archive (lha, lzh)
  • Linux RedHat Package Manager archive (rpm)
  • MacBinary encoded file (bin)
  • MBOX archive (mbox, mbx)
  • Media Disk Image File (ldf, mdf)
  • Microsoft Compressed file
  • MIME HTML web page archive (mht)
  • MS Cabinet archive (cab)
  • Parity Archive volume set (par, par2)
  • PGP Zip file (pgp)
  • RAR archive (r00, r01, r02, rar)
  • Squeeze archive [HLSQZ
  • SQWEZ] (sqz)
  • Standard unix compress (taz, z)
  • StuffIT archive (sit)
  • StuffIT X archive (sitx)
  • UHArc archive (uha)
  • Ultra Compressor 2 archive (uc2)
  • Unix Tape Archive (tar)
  • UUEncoded ASCII file (uu, uue, xxe)
  • ZIP archive [includes Java ARchives] (jar, pk3, zip)
  • ZOO archive (zoo)
  • [Mac OS X] Disk Image (dmg)

Image or Photo Files
  • Animated cursor file (ani)
  • ART image (art)
  • Bitmap pixel graphic for Windows or OS/2 (bmp, dib)
  • Corel Vector Graphic Drawing (cdr)
  • DJVU scanned image (djv, djvu)
  • AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format (dxf)
  • Enhanced Windows Meta File image (emf)
  • DOS Encapsulated PostScript binary file (eps)
  • GEM raster image (gem, img)
  • CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (gif)
  • Windows icon or cursor resource file (cur, ico)
  • Interchange File Format image (iff)
  • JPEG Network Graphics (jng)
  • JPEG 2000 compliant image (j2k, jp2)
  • Joint Photographic Expert Group compliant image (jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg)
  • LuraWave image (lwf)
  • Multiple-image Network Graphics (mng)
  • Portable Any Map (pam)
  • Portable Bit Map [ASCII format] (pbm)
  • Portable Bit Map [binary format] (pbm)
  • Zsoft Paintbrush image (pcx)
  • Portable Grey Map [ASCII format] (pgm)
  • Portable Grey Map [binary format] (pgm)
  • PICTOR / PC Paint image file (pic)
  • Portable Network Graphics image (png)
  • Portable Pixel Map [ASCII format] (ppm)
  • Portable Pixel Map [binary format] (ppm)
  • Adobe Photoshop image (psd)
  • Paint Shop Pro image (jsl, pfr, psp, tub)
  • Sun Raster image (ras, sun)
  • Utah Run Length Encoded bitmap image (rle)
  • Silicon Graphics bitmap Image (sgi)
  • Still Picture Interchange Format File image (spf)
  • StarView Metafile (svm)
  • Truevision Targa image (tga)
  • Tagged Image File Format (tif, tiff)
  • Windows Meta File image (wmf)
  • WordPerfect Graphic (wpg)
  • X11-BitMap image (xbm)
  • GIMP XCF image (xcf)
  • X11-PixMap image (xpm)

Video or Multimedia
  • Apple QuickTime MOVie file (mov, qt)
  • Audio Video Interleaved animation (avi, divx)
  • DVD Video movie (vob)
  • FLashVideo (flv)
  • Matroska file (mka, mks, mkv)
  • Microsoft Media [Advanced Streaming Format
  • Motion Pictures Experts Group movie file (m1v, mpe, mpeg, mpg)
  • MPEG-4 video (m4v, mp4)
  • NullSoft Video file (nsv)
  • OGG Vorbis movie file (ogm)
  • RealMedia [audio and video] files (ra, ram, rm)
  • RealPlayer Internet Video Recording (ivr)
  • SGI movie (movie)
  • ShockWave Flash file (swf)
  • VivoActive video file (viv)
  • Windows Media Audio
  • Windows Media Video] files (asf, wma, wmv)
  • XBOX file (xbe, xex, xpr, xtf)

Audio or Sound
  • Audio Interchange File Format (aif, aiff)
  • CN=MusePack/O=MPEG Plus (mp+, mpc, mplus, mpp)
  • Creative Labs sound (voc)
  • Free lossless Audio Codec (flac)
  • MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio stream (mp2, mp3)
  • MPEG-4 Audio (m4a)
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface sound file (mid, midi, rmi)
  • OGG Vorbis sound file (ogg)
  • Standard Windows WAVeform audio format (wav)
  • Sun Audio file (au, snd)
  • VQF sound file (vqf)

Text or Document Files
  • Corel WordPerfect Document (wp5, wpd)
  • Hangul Word Processor 3 document (hwp)
  • Lotus 123 Spread-/Worksheet (123, wk2, wk3, wk4)
  • Lotus Freelance Presentation (mas, prz, sym)
  • Microsoft Access DataBase (mda, mdb, mde, mdt)
  • Microsoft Compound Document format (doc, dot, fla, msi, msm, msp, oft, pot, ppa, pps, ppt, vsd, vss, vst, wiz, xla, xls, xlt)
  • Microsoft eBook (lit)
  • MIME HTML document (mht)
  • MS Excel Spreadsheet document (xla, xls, xlt)
  • MS Office 2007 Excel spreadsheet document (xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx)
  • MS Office 2007 PowerPoint presentation (potm, potx, ppsm, ppsx, pptm, pptx)
  • MS Office 2007 Word document (docm, docx, dotm, dotx)
  • MS PowerPoint presentation (pot, ppa, pps, ppt)
  • MS Word Document (doc, dot, wiz)
  • MS Word for Macintosh document (mcw)
  • OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (odc, odf, odg, odi, odm, odp, ods, odt, otg, otp, ots, ott)
  • 6 document (stc, std, sti, stw, sxc, sxd, sxi, sxm, sxw)
  • Word for Windows 2.0 Document (doc)
  • Write document (wri)
IBM Connections Cloud is constantly being updated, so file types might very well be changed or updated in the future.
Your milage may vary :)

References and further reading

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