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Teamstudio Unplugged - Error Logging in to server- 18 October 2013 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 18 October 2013

An efficient method to bring mobile applications to handheld devices is to use Teamstudio Unplugged.
Unplugged is a pretty nice solution which is working great... for Xpages developers there even are mobile controls available.

Just sometimes administrators would love to have more meaningful error messages within Unplugged.

here is an example:
   Error logging in to SERVERNAME
   Parse Error reading XML source: expected: /META read : head (position:END_TAG @21:8 in
Image:Teamstudio Unplugged - Error Logging in to server

Does not indicate what the real problem is. In fact its really simple. Teamstudio Unplugged seems to require simple authentication instead of form based authentication.
So the issue can be resolved by creating a simple web site rule.
Image:Teamstudio Unplugged - Error Logging in to server
Hope that Teamstudio can improve this in a future version...
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