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Where are all the Plug-ins for IBM Connections?- 1 October 2018 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 1 October 2018

IBM Connections CR3 was just released and we are about to release Notes V10 next week.
In preparation of the product launch, the IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes has been updated to support Notes V10.
Some time ago those plug-ins were provided at the Greenhouse Application Catalog , but this site has been replaced by IBM Bluefizz which is now the new host for all sorts of solutions.

Maybe you noticed that the download itself are not hosted on BlueFizz, so you do not need to log in at all to download it.
Just head over to developerWorks and grab the file of interest directly using these links:
Direct Download
IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows
IBM Connections for MacOSX
IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes
IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint

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