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How to fix HTTP Server error "Cannot load resource file"- 14 December 2017 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 14 December 2017

A colleague approached me with a problem where a Domino server did not start up the HTTP task after upgrading to 9.0.1 FP9

After upgrading a Domino server on Windows from 9.0.1 FP8 to FP9 the http task no longer starts up.
HTTP Server: Cannot load resource file. Exiting
Image:How to fix HTTP Server error "Cannot load resource file"
For a different server the same FP9 installation worked fine.
Although the problem is not new, it seems nobody investigated the root cause yet...

Oliver Busse blogged about this problem in combination with FP3 install on Windows and IBM Technote 1298729 indicates that this problem is caused by a missing file: "Similar behavior can be seen in the Windows environment if the nstrings.dll file located in the Domino folder is damaged or missing."

In our case this file did exist and was not the root cause of the problem.

We wanted to avoid reinstalling the server from scratch as done by Oliver.
So we compared the program directory of the server with another server where FP9 has been installed succesfully and found the file "nrshttp.dll" is missing.

The solution is rather simple: just copy the file from a working server...
Image:How to fix HTTP Server error "Cannot load resource file"
then start up the HTTP task and get yourself a coffee.


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