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Download Connect 2014 presentation files- 13 February 2014 - (1) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 13 February 2014

If you have not already managed to download the IBM Connect presentations with Stephan's instructions using CURL, here is a dummies guide for Firefox users.
Please note, those presentations are not publically available - to download them you need to authenticate with your IBM Connect credentials which can be found here:

Image:Download Connect 2014 presentation files

Step-by-step instructions:

1.        If not already installed, get
2.        Install the Plugin
DownThemAll!  ( for more information see )
3.        Open
page1 of the IBM Connect public files feed
4.        Authenticate using the credentials (see your IBM Connect badge)

5.        Right click on the page and choose "DownThemAll!..." to start the plugin

Image:Download Connect 2014 presentation files
6.        Set download options as shown below...
- Define where to store the downloaded files
- Set the filter to include only "Archives" & "Documents"

Image:Download Connect 2014 presentation files
7.        Start the download

Image:Download Connect 2014 presentation files
8.        Repeat step 5 to 7 with
page 2 of the feed

If everything worked out, you should have approx. 500 PDF files showing up in the folder specified above.

You might want to take a look at
Chris Miller's IBM Connect and Lotusphere slides database which currently hosts ~55 slide decks from IBM Connect 2014 and is publically accessible.
Furthermore Niklas Heidloff pulled together a
list of app dev sessions from IBM Connect 2014 , some more presentations can be found by searching Slideshare.

Unfortunately not all presentations are available for download - some speakers did not grant permission to publish the slides, so there's some content that is only available to people in the room.

If you did not make it to Orlando there's a chance to attend local events such as the
Rheinland Nachlese 2014 organized by TIMETOACT

Testing knowledge - IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator Notes and Domino 9.0 - 11 February 2014 - (1) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 11 February 2014

Two weeks ago at IBM Connect 2014 attendees were able to test their knowledge in the IBM Certification Lab.
Most of the IBM Certification tests were offered, so I decided to sign up and give it a try without any preparation.

For updating my existing Advanced System Administrator certificate to version 9.0 level, the following two tests were required

Both tests were simple, for Traveler you need to know how to configure Traveler in high availability mode and for the Upgrade examn most questions were about SAML & OpenSocial.

Having passed the upgrade examn and the IBM Traveler exam, this certificate was sent to me as an official statement that I have qualified as IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator for Notes & Domino 9.0

Image:Testing knowledge - IBM Certified Advanced System Administrator Notes and Domino 9.0

Next action: updating my Certified Advanced Development Certificate to version 9.0 and signing up for Connections & Sametime tests.

Converting Private to Public folders- 6 February 2014 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 6 February 2014

After a migration from Exchange to Domino a customer reported that some folders are not visible iNotes but are available for the Notes Client.
In this particular case the folders not showing up have been created as private folders...and private folders are not supported in iNotes as documented in IBM Technote 1445118

Changing the field flags of the folder design element from private to public turned out not to be working anymore. A script which I have been using to resolve this problem with earlier versions of Notes did not work and just created a folder which can not be deleted/moved/renamed.
So I wrote this small script to fix the problem by creating a new temp folder -which will not be private by default- and moving documents from the private folder into the newly created folder. Once done, deleting the private folder and renaming the new folder.

One small drawback is that the original folder design will get lost because we are creating a brand new folder from the default folder design.
However, feel free to use this script at your own risk.

Thomas Hampel, All rights reserved.