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HTTP/SSL in Domino 9.0 - more Notes.ini variables to be removed after upgrade- 12 March 2014 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 12 March 2014

After upgrading to Domino 9.0 some users (but not all) claimed they are unable to access a server via HTTP, in specific it was iNotes access to one server while access was okay on other servers.

Quick check:
  • Domino HTTP task was running fine
  • TCP port 80 was responding
  • Redirect to SSL seemed not to work (Error "The connection was interrupted")
With the help of my colleagues we were looking at the console and found a number of errors showing up:

HTTP Server: SSL handshake failure, no website found for IP address []
New SSL session data length of 5132 bytes is larger than the current size of 5000 bytes.

Especially the second error message cause me to start thinking... Yes! I did remember there was an issue with earlier releases of Domino, where Technote 1220425 suggested setting two Notes.ini variables to fix a crash related to SSL

Of course these Notes.ini variables were still in place and still work -- they are not obsolete as such (see list of obsolete Notes.ini variables)
However, after upgrading to Domino 9.0 they are no longer required and as we have seen even cause problems if set too small.

1.) Remove these two variables as  (Reference : IBM Technote 1657588)
2.) Restart the HTTP task
...and iNotes with SSL is working again.

Unable to set/unset ’Record activity’ programmatically- 9 March 2014 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 9 March 2014

One little checkbox in Notes/Domino which can cause some headaches is "Record activity" which can be found in the Database Properties / User Detail window.
Audit & Compliance teams as well as work councils love it...

Image:Unable to set/unset ’Record activity’ programmatically
...and they always have the same opinion on how to set it, right?

Yes, I know you can
disable actvity logging for all databases on a server to improve performance, but what if you need the opposite compliance reasons? What if you need to enable activity logging for a few (hundred) databases at once, but not for all?

Developers of crouse will start searching the
Designer documentation for a LotusScript class of some sort, realizing quickly that it doesnt exist.
Next step of your research would be the
Notes C/C++ API Toolkits which normally provide methods to resolve the toughest problem -- bad luck this time.

Furtunately there are
clever business partners who seem to have found a way to mass-modify user activity settings by using the full version of the databaseEZ tool. (Thanks Ben for the hint)
Although this tool provides fast pain relief it is not always a perfect solution - think of situations where a large amount of servers is involved, or where admins dont have manager access to mail files, or where the setting has to be set on a regular basis etc.

So unfortunately there seems to be no (easy) programmatic way to modify this flag, at least there is no ready-made C-API, LotusScript or Java class for changing it.

The problem has already been reported to IBM within SPR # MSTS9G3AVP
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