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Collaborate with an IBM employee via Sametime - more details- 10 April 2014 - (1) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 10 April 2014

On special request of a customer, here is a description on how to chat with IBM'ers directly.
This post describes what a single user needs to do in order to chat with IBM,
other options such as B2B connectiosn are available as well.

Step 1 - Get an IBM ID

If you dont already have an IBM ID, you can
get one here.
An IBM ID is a username / password combination which provides access to IBM applications, services, communities, support, etc.
There is no charge for this ID.
Hint : Make sure you follow the
password rules

Step 2a - Configure the Notes Client with embedded Sametime

If you have a Notes client (with embedded Sametime), configure the client to connect to IBM's external Sametime environment.

Please note, this will only work with Sametime clients of a
specific version

1.) From within your Notes Client, go to File \ Preferences \ Sametime \ Server Communities
2.) Click "Add New Server Community"

3.) on the "Log In" tab, select Server community type to be "Sametime"

4.) Enter your IBM ID user name and password

5.) on the tab "Server", specifiy:

       Host server -

       Server community port - 80

6.) on the tab "Connection"

       Deselect the option to use global connection settings

       Connection type - Direct connection

7.) on the tab "Options", select 'Use this server for awareness status lookup"

8.) Log on, and add IBM users to your contact list by looking up the email address.
For details, see Step 3

Step 2b - Web Browser

If you dont have a Notes client nor have a standalone Sametime client, you can also use a web browser.

Just click this link to get started =>
Use your IBM ID to log on, and add IBM users to your contact list by looking up the email address.

Step 3 - Find the email address

Email addresses of IBM employees can be looked up on this web page, all you need to know is the last name of your contact.

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