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False Alarm: New Domino Backdoor- 20 April 2023 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 20 April 2023

IBM XForce is well known for the quality of their research - however this time I'm wondering about the publication.
discovered and analyzed a new type of malware (so far so good) and they named it ... "Domino"

Don't Panic!

HCL already published
this technote to clarify that this is unrelated to the HCL Domino product and has requested IBM Security X-Force to correct this unfortunate use of HCLSoftware’s registered and licensed product name.

IBM updated their article and have renamed the malware - it is now called "Minodo"

In short:

1. There is no backdoor in HCL Domino

2. The new malware which IBM has discovered has NOTHING to do with HCL Domino.

3. This malware does NOT affect HCL Domino


- 18 April 2023 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 18 April 2023

Hey Domino Administrators out there,

HCL is looking for your input regarding how you are managing your environment.

Can you please help by answering this small survey?

It is completely anonymous and consists of a few questions to gather information on how Domino is used and how software updates are handled by Domino customers.

It should take less than 3min. to complete.

If you are managing more than one Domino environment please submit a survey for each one.

Image:We need your input - Domino Admin Survey

Available now: HCL Notes/Domino 12.0.2 Fix Pack 1- 17 April 2023 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 17 April 2023

HCL just released Fix Pack 1 for HCL Notes/Domino 12.0.2
More details of what has been fixed are provided in the Release Notes or if you prefer reading the classic Fix List Database style see this => Notes/Domino Fix List

Before installing this update, please verify the system requirements:
The following kits/packages are now available for download on Flexnet for entitled customers:

Notes Client
HCL Notes 12.0.2FP1 Basic Configuration for Windows English 32-bit
HCL Notes 12.0.2FP1 for Windows 32-bit
HCL Notes 12.0.2FP1 for Windows 64-bit
HCL Notes 12.0.2FP1 for Mac 64 bit

Domino Server
HCL Domino Server 12.0.2FP1 for Windows 64bit
HCL Domino Server 12.0.2FP1 for AIX
HCL Domino Server 12.0.2FP1 for Linux
HCL Domino Server 12.0.2FP1 IBMi
HCL Domino 12.0.2FP1 Docker image

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