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Welcome Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) 1.2.4- 17 April 2024 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 17 April 2024

Hi Folks,

the new version 1.2.4 of the
Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) has just been published.
The tool allows customers to analyze their current environment to identify the license needs.

The new version now supports MacOS clients to perform the scan and it resolves a number of issues which customers have reported.

What's New ?

- Report now inclludes Domino server versions

- Supports Readonly user with the appropriate rights
- Support for MacOS
- Save the server versions as a reference for each scan
- Note when server access is setup to allow wildcarded usernames
- BugFix: Add new export category and create directory if it does not exist
- BugFix: New version available string is missing the new version title
- BugFix:Error when dividing by zero when creating the digital signature
- BugFix:User information from primary directory is lost when they also exist in another scanned directory
- BugFix:Attempt to fix situations where user receives ERROR: Object variable not set #: 91, line: 3
- BugFix:Correct the spelling of “signing” on “signing” page
- BugFix:utility is duplicated on the Nomad page

For more details and to download the latest version see

PS: As mentioned
in our privacy statement, the tool performs all activity in your environment with no data being sent back to HCL without your explicit consent.

Available now: HCL Notes/Domino 14.0 Fix Pack 1- 17 April 2024 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 17 April 2024

HCL just released Fix Pack 1 for HCL Notes/Domino 14, providing 92 fixes and updates for client and server.
More details of what has been fixed are provided in the
Release Notice or if you prefer reading the classic Fix List Database style see this => Notes/Domino Fix List

Before installing this update, please verify the system requirements:
HCL Domino 14.0 and 14.0 Fix Pack 1 System Requirements (KB0108740) +for IIBMi see KB0108946
HCL Notes 14.0 and 14.0 Fix Pack 1 System Requirements (KB0108739)
HCL iNotes 14.0 and 14.0 Fix Pack 1 Browser Requirements (KB0108942)

These kits are available for download at our new MyHCLSoftware download portal at the following URLs:

If you are already have the new AutoUpdate feature enabled, you'll see whats shown in the screenshot below:

For how to use this feature, see Domino V14 Deep Dive
webinar Auto Notify, Update & Install
Image:Available now: HCL Notes/Domino 14.0 Fix Pack 1

New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!- 3 April 2024 - (0) Comments

Thomas Hampel
 3 April 2024

Good News Folks!

"It took forever, but now it's live" wrote the engineer (Thank You Scott) when he told me that our redesigned HCL Domino Marketplace submission form finally went live.
Based on input from our developer and partner community the team improved the functionality and the look and feel of the site.

The submission process has been revamped into a multi-stage form with improved structure, enabling the option to save submissions as drafts.
Submitting your products, solutions, or Domino templates is free of charge and now is even easier than ever.

Try yourself:
Image:New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!

Simply follow these steps:

1. Start here:
2. Log in with your existing HCL ID / Partner credentials, or create a new account as needed.

3. Click on "Domino Submission"

Image:New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!
4. Fill in the required information about your application.

Please note, there are two type of applications:
- Products, which are commercial Domino applications, addons, templates, etc.
- Templates, which are non-commercial templates you want to make available for download at no charge.

5. Upload any necessary screenshots, provide the metadata required

6. Hit submit, and you're done!

- HCL Domino Marketplace
- Here you can find a more detailled description of each field and how to fill the form
- My Blog Submit your apps now.

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