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Connections Cloud - Upload Logo

Thomas Hampel
 15 March 2016

Having difficulties uploading your company logo in IBM Connections Cloud ? I'm talking about

It seems like there is a small problem which is being investigated already. As a quick workaround you can use Firefox with Firebug installed
You can select your company logo but changes will not be taken over when you click on Save Changes

Hit F12 to launch Firebug and select this icon:
Image:Connections Cloud - Upload Logo

Then hover over the navigation bar
Image:Connections Cloud - Upload Logo
In the HTML tab you should now see the following code highlighted:
Image:Connections Cloud - Upload Logo
all you have to do is to remove the property "value" which I have highlighted in red.
Image:Connections Cloud - Upload Logo
the result should look like this:
Image:Connections Cloud - Upload Logo
When completed just click "Save Changes" and your logo will be updated.

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