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IBM Mail Onboarding Manager - Failed to get delegate list.

Thomas Hampel
 11 September 2016

Moving users from Exchange to Domino is called 'migration' , and moving from an on-premises Domino environment to the cloud is called "onboarding".
IBM provides the Mail Onboarding Manager (MOM) for moving users to the cloud.

While MOM worked fine for all other users, I've been running into a problem with one specific user.
An error was reported when I was trying to move this account to the cloud. The error message was "Delegate is not in service"

Image:IBM Mail Onboarding Manager - Failed to get delegate list.
In my specific case, MOM was looping between "Completed quality check" and "Replicating mail file".
Replication from the mail server to the MOM server worked fine, but then MOM did not succeed in uploading the mail file to Connections Cloud.

The MOM log file showed error "4005: Replication is disabled".

Root cause:

The mail server or its cluster partner contains a database with exactly the same replicaID as the mail file you are trying to move to the cloud.
Possibly it is a restore of the mail file where replication is disabled for this NSF file.


Delete the other database or change the replicaID of the other NSF file using this code.
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