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HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program - New October release is available now

Thomas Hampel
 13 October 2020

Last month we have introduced the HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program, in which we are providing customers the chance to test new product features early in the development cycle.
Our engaged development team has provided a new code drop (named "October 2020") which is available now for download at Flexnet to all current customers.

This code drop provides a number of very interesting features that our dev team wants to have YOUR feedback on:

Image:HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program - New October release is available now

What is being provided in this release

Time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication
When users log on to a Domino Web server, you can now require that they provide time-based one-time passwords in addition to their user names and passwords.
These one-time passwords are generated by authenticator apps like
Authy, Google Authenticator or similar.

DAOS Version 2
DAOS Version 2 (DAOSV2) is a new version of DAOS that provides a more reliable way of tracking DAOS objects on a server.

Certificate management improvements
A number of enhancements and improvements related to certificate management are provided:
  • Disable TLS 1.0 by default now
  • Support for PEM-file format, in additon to *.kyr file format
    (Note: This feature is intended as a test bed for future work supporting PEM-formatted keys and certificates )
  • Support for using CertMgr to import third-party CA keys and certificates - based on this idea (Thanks Martin!)
  • Support for replacing keys generated by the Let's Encrypt CA

Domino directory enhancements
The number of improvements around the Domino directory design (pubnames.ntf) to improve usability for administrators. Some of which were long standing requests - if you like what you see, please vote for the idea(s)s referenced below

New LotusScript & Java Methods for developers - also based on your input from this idea (Thanks Michael!) support transaction based operations in LS and Java.

Furthermore I need to mention those features that were provided in the previous release (September 2020)

We are looking for YOUR feedback on the features provided above
, so please:

1. Start testing the Early Access Code - details on how to get started can be found
2. Vote for the ideas referenced or leave a comment

3. Join the discussion and provide feedback in our forum

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