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Look what I’ve found

Thomas Hampel
 18 January 2015

Packing for IBM ConnectEd 2015 I stumbled into last years IBM Connect 2014 backpack...
The little surprise surprise I've found inside was the ***drumroll*** original Lotusphere Pretzel Cookie !!
Image:Look what I’ve found
No, I'm not planning to eat it althgouh its calories would last a month or two  Who knows what will happen if anyone would take a bite.
Given the fact that 2014 was the last year where the word Lotusphere appeared at the show, this cookie is probably turning into a collectors item.

I'm wondering if there are people who would try making big money by selling it on ebay?
Image:Look what I’ve found
Hint: Stop searching ebay, you can't really buy that cookie there.
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1.) Untitled

Mat Newman 19/01/2015 9:15:52

What do they say about the only things left after a nuclear blast? ;-)

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