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Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

Thomas Hampel
 23 July 2015

The Mindoo FTP Server project provides an FTP server wrapped into an XPages application. It is based on the Apache FtpServer which runs as OSGi plugin on the server side.
One day a customer reported the FTP server would no longer work. A quick check showed that port 21 does not respond any longer.

Restarting the HTTP task showed a JVM Exception
restart task http
17.07.2015 18:00:07   HTTP Server: Using Internet Site Configuration View
17.07.2015 18:00:12   JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
17.07.2015 18:00:12   HTTP Server: Java Virtual Machine loaded
17.07.2015 18:00:16   XSP Command Manager initialized
17.07.2015 18:00:17   HTTP JVM: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Checking the OSGI bundles showed the required bundle is not even installed.
> tell http osgi diag com.mindoo.ftp
Cannot find bundle com.mindoo.ftp.


Check the file [DominoData]\domino\workspace\logs\error-log-0.xml for any problems
the very first warning in this file showed that a plugin was not loaded because the signer does not have the required access rights
CLFAD0331W: NSF Based plugin contribution denied because signer CN=SignerName/OU=Unit2/OU=Unit1/O=OrgEU does not have required access: CN=SignerName/OU=Unit2/OU=Unit1/O=OrgEU:System\UpdateSiteServer.nsf

and further down in the same file:
CLFAD0334W: Feature com.mindoo.ftp_feature_1.0.0.201306221322 skipped

At the first access rights seemed to be ok, but when looking a little closer I have found the user name does not have access to the server any longer because the Organization was renamed from "OrgEU" to "Org"

Solution (Part1)

The signature which is being used here is not a signature of a design element, it is the content of the Eclipse Update site which still had the old signature referenced. So how are we going to fix this?
  • Open the Eclipse UpdateSite and use "Actions\Sign All Content"
    Remark: This will not sign any design elements - it will sign the documents in the application only.
    Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino
  • Restart the HTTP task
    restart task http
  • Watching the server console
    Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

Running into another problem

Although the FTP Server was running again, it seems like there still was an issue with the XPages application.
Quickly looking into  [DominoData]\domino\workspace\logs\error-log-0.xml showed a well known problem.
Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

Solution (Part2)

Obviously someone did open the Application in Domino Designer without disabling the option to recompile xPages automatically.
So make sure this option is set to "Manually recompile Xpages"
Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

and then open the Mindoo FTP Domino application in Domino Designer and hit "Project\Build Project" in your Designer client.
Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino

Testing results
  • Opening the Mindoo FTP Application from a browser seems to work
    Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino
  • "tell http osgi mftp status" shows that our server is now running on port 21
    Image:Mindoo FTP Server stopped running in Domino
  • Opening an FTP connection from a remote client is working fine
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Oliver Busse 23/07/2015 13:25:04

The plugin sign reason is also applicable to ALL the plugins in the update site, not just for this one. Always make sure the signature of the documents corresponds with server settings for the plugins to load properly.

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Karsten Lehmann 23/07/2015 16:18:16

I am happy to see that it was not the application code itself that caused the issues you had - and of course that the server is useful for your customer. :-)

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