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New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!

Thomas Hampel
 3 April 2024

Good News Folks!

"It took forever, but now it's live" wrote the engineer (Thank You Scott) when he told me that our redesigned HCL Domino Marketplace submission form finally went live.
Based on input from our developer and partner community the team improved the functionality and the look and feel of the site.

The submission process has been revamped into a multi-stage form with improved structure, enabling the option to save submissions as drafts.
Submitting your products, solutions, or Domino templates is free of charge and now is even easier than ever.

Try yourself:
Image:New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!

Simply follow these steps:

1. Start here:
2. Log in with your existing HCL ID / Partner credentials, or create a new account as needed.

3. Click on "Domino Submission"

Image:New HCL Domino Marketplace - Get your apps & tools listed now!
4. Fill in the required information about your application.

Please note, there are two type of applications:
- Products, which are commercial Domino applications, addons, templates, etc.
- Templates, which are non-commercial templates you want to make available for download at no charge.

5. Upload any necessary screenshots, provide the metadata required

6. Hit submit, and you're done!

- HCL Domino Marketplace
- Here you can find a more detailled description of each field and how to fill the form
- My Blog Submit your apps now.

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