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Unable to set/unset ’Record activity’ programmatically

Thomas Hampel
 9 March 2014

One little checkbox in Notes/Domino which can cause some headaches is "Record activity" which can be found in the Database Properties / User Detail window.
Audit & Compliance teams as well as work councils love it...

Image:Unable to set/unset ’Record activity’ programmatically
...and they always have the same opinion on how to set it, right?

Yes, I know you can
disable actvity logging for all databases on a server to improve performance, but what if you need the opposite compliance reasons? What if you need to enable activity logging for a few (hundred) databases at once, but not for all?

Developers of crouse will start searching the
Designer documentation for a LotusScript class of some sort, realizing quickly that it doesnt exist.
Next step of your research would be the
Notes C/C++ API Toolkits which normally provide methods to resolve the toughest problem -- bad luck this time.

Furtunately there are
clever business partners who seem to have found a way to mass-modify user activity settings by using the full version of the databaseEZ tool. (Thanks Ben for the hint)
Although this tool provides fast pain relief it is not always a perfect solution - think of situations where a large amount of servers is involved, or where admins dont have manager access to mail files, or where the setting has to be set on a regular basis etc.

So unfortunately there seems to be no (easy) programmatic way to modify this flag, at least there is no ready-made C-API, LotusScript or Java class for changing it.

The problem has already been reported to IBM within SPR # MSTS9G3AVP
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