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Error "Field is too large (32k)" importing local Update site

Thomas Hampel
 7 November 2010

When importing a local update site I still get this error from time to time... it seems to be caused by the number of features within an updatesite.
Image:Error "Field is too large (32k)" importing local Update site

lsclassimportsite: cimportsite::serialize (line 108)

lsclassimportui: cimportui::importsite (line 141)

dlgimportsite: queryclose (line 13)

Up to now I was not able to find the root cause, nor I was able to work around this problem.

When reviewing support forums it seems like I'm not the only one.

Update: Looks like this is caused by a large "feature.xml" file inside of a JAR package. It seems some vendors like to put a full law book inside this XML file which in the end exceeds the 32k limitation of a plain text field in Notes.
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