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How many users a single Domino server can handle???

Thomas Hampel
 5 December 2011

In the past a lot of server.load tests have been done to "proof" that Domino can handle a certain amount of users.
As you can imagine, each simulation does not really reflect what a real user can do. Especially not the wide range of different actions.

So lets take a look into a production environment.... this environment is based on Domino 8.5.2 - 64Bit running on AIX.

Image:How many users a single Domino server can handle???

Showing a peak of 10040 users, within just one Domino partition. This statistic doesnt say if users were happy with the response time of the server at peak workload times, which of course is something that can be figured out. However the statistic shows that Domino can handle the workload when enough I/O capacity is available.

I'm not able to share more technical details but what I can say is that CPU and memory utilization were high, but not were reaching limits.
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