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NotesAPI - Import Pictures into RichText Fields using Backend Classes

Thomas Hampel
 26 August 2014

Importing pictures into a RichText field as embedded object is easy in the Notes Client. One can use the File\Import function to get this done - unfortunately this function is not available when running scheduled agents on a server.
So how can it be done?

Some time ago
Andre Guirard published a LotusScript example as part of the OpenNTF project LotusScript Gold Collection to import a picture using the NotesDXLExporter class to export an existing NotesDocument to XML while then injecting the new image including all its metadata into this XML.

Oh and of course I know we could be using
Tivoli Directory Integrator or commercial solutions such as...
But why installing another software or using 3rd party solutions if there are existing API calls that can be used. So yet another - less expensive - method to import pictures into RichText is the Notes API.
Beside being faster, this method is will also work for older versions of the Notes Client, so feel free to use this script for mass-import of pictures into the Domino Directory


(Thanks to Rod Whiteley for this old
forum post)
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