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’Shared logon failed with this ID’ after setting EnableUsingAppDataForRoaming=1

Thomas Hampel
 25 September 2020

Prompting for passwords is a thing of the past, which means that of course customers have SharedLogon (NSLv3) enabled in their Notes client deployments.
Unfortunately you can read there that "Notes Shared Login is not supported for Notes IDs that are: {...} used in a Citrix environment."

If you were following
Daniel Nashed's blog you probably have read this post and know that Notes Shared Logon and Citrix are indeed work well together as of Notes 11.0.1

So you might assume that all you need is to push these variables to your Notes clients either using
Domino Policies or using Panagenda's MarvelClient
  • EnableUsingAppDataForRoaming=1
  • EnableNSLUnderCitrix=1

But wait, you have to be careful...

Applying these variables to a Notes client where SharedLogon was already enabled will cause it to fail with "Shared logon failed with this ID" when starting up.

Some background:

When enabling Shared Login (NSLv3) the Notes client will create a *.bin file in the directory  %AppData%/Local/HCL/Notes
The Notes.ini variable EnableUsingAppDataForRoaming=1 will cause the Notes client to look for this file in a different directory, where of course the file is not present at this point in time.

a) Remove the variable from the Notes.ini for all clients which are not Citrix clients
b) Move the *.bin file from your %AppData%/Local/HCL/Notes directory to the %AppData%/Roaming/HCL/Notes

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