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Welcome Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) 1.2.1

Thomas Hampel
 1 December 2023

Hi Folks,

the new version 1.2.1 of the
Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) has just been published.
The tool allows customers to analyze their current environment to identify the license needs.

The new version addresses a number of issues ad improvement requests customers had reported, here's a short list:

What's New ?
  • Added support for scanning Directory Assistance on all servers in the environment.
  • Idea Domino-I-2499 - The Customer Name, HCL Customer, etc. can now be stored in a configuration document
    • Added the ability to output logging to the status bar to give the scanner an improved experience to understand progress.
      Set DLAU_VERBOSE_MODE=1 in the Notes.INI before beginning the scan.
  • Version of DLAU is now included in the printable report as well as it is stored on the results of each scan to see how scans change over releases.
  • Addressing an issue when Domino is used as LDAP server
  • Fixed Issue #54 - Logging improvements have additional spaces around each functional area of scanning for visual improvements.
  • Fixed Issue #34 - Export CCB Users does not provide content
  • Fixed Issue #39 - Clicking on “Deny Access Users” opens the view “dagroups” instead of “UserInfo”
  • Fixed Issue #41 - Issues with Directory Catalog not in root directory
  • Fixed Issue #46 - Bug when DA is not trusted for credentials
  • Fixed Issue #47 - External (CCX) Users Who are not listed in Entitlement Tracking are being recognized as CCB Users
  • Fixed an issue when Clicking on the pop-up help does not work and is missing in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue when the UI shifts when selecting an entry in the “Observations” field on the results page if there is a value that is too long
    For more details and to download the latest version see

    PS: As mentioned
    in our privacy statement, the tool performs all activity in your environment with no data being sent back to HCL without your explicit consent.
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