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Display Photo in Sametime Business Cards

Thomas Hampel
 27 May 2015

After upgrading a Sametime Community server from 8.5.x to 9.0 the business card in Sametime does no longer show the picture of a person.
Image:Display Photo in Sametime Business Cards
Although pictures have been imported to the Domino Directory they were not showing up. It looks like the upgrade has overwritten the configuration we used before.

Since version 9.0 the business card can be configured in the Sametime System Console under "Sametime Servers" by selecting the Sametime Community Server which you want to configure.
This configuration is being written to the Sametime Community server into the file [DominoData]\UserInfoConfig.xml
Some time ago Mikkel Heisterberg published a wonderful description of the Sametime business card configuration secrets (PDF)

Looking into our server the file [DominoData]\UserInfoConfig.xml looked like this
Image:Display Photo in Sametime Business Cards
As you can see the above configuration does not contain an attribute name for the photo. By adding it UserInfoNotesBB will to return a user image from the Domino Directory.
Image:Display Photo in Sametime Business Cards
Saving the file and restarting the staddin task resolved the problem... pictures are displayed again.

When starting the Community server the UserInformation service initially loads the configuration from UserInfoConfig.xml and then receives configuration updates from the Sametime System Console.
So if your Community server is being managed from a Sametime System Console -which is the only supported configuration- then modifications applied to this file will be overwritten.

Configuration updates from SSC can be disabled by adding the following tag to UserInfoConfig.xml before the tag.
ReadStConfigUpdates value="false"
Source: IBM Infocenter - Configuring business cards using a native Domino Directory

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